Aircraft Records Research for Technical Evaluation and Aircraft Pre-Buys

Aviation Services will perform a comprehensive review of your Airframe, Engine, and APU logbooks to ensure compliance with all applicable Airworthiness Directives and Mandatory/Alert Bulletins. We will review all Form 337s for any additional inspections required by STC, ICA, or Major Repairs for compliance. We will perform a complete review of maintenance records to verify all inspections are current and that there is no lapse in required inspections to include Life Limited Components and Overhaul Items against the manufacturer's program.

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Conformity Inspection for FAA Part 135 Onboarding

We will perform an in-depth review of all aircraft records to ensure compliance with all Airworthiness Directives and Mandatory/Alert Bulletins and that all required inspections are current, including any additional inspection required by Form 337, STC, ICA, or Major Repairs. We will perform a review of Life Limited Components and Overhaul Items, ensure the Transponders and Air Data system complies with Part 91.411 and 91.413, and verify that the aircraft weight and balance are current. Upon completion of the review, we will provide you with the needed documents for submission to your local FSDO, including AC135-44 Appendix A.

Management of Aircraft While Undergoing Maintenance and Aircraft Refurbishment

We can manage your maintenance events, scheduled or unscheduled, as well as aircraft refurbishments. We will oversee every aspect of your maintenance event to ensure the work is being accomplished properly and to a quality standard, review the invoice for accuracy as well as the entire work package for completeness and compliance with FAA regulations.

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Aircraft Records

Aircraft Records Reorganization

We understand that records organization may not be the highest priority when operating an aircraft, but when you decide to put your asset on the market, organized records can add significant value to your aircraft. Aviation Services can organize your records in chronological order, match logbook entries with maintenance packages, and identify any gaps in inspection and areas of noncompliance.